Be part of the Tschanter family!

My name is Björn Tschanter and I would like to use this domain to connect all namesakes in the world for genealogy reasons.

Therefore I started offer internet sevices like mail imap/pop3/forwarder, Horde or Roundcube webmailers, dynamic webspace with PHP & SQL, subdomains, hosted applications like Limesurvey, Wordpress, Typo3, Cantao, Joomla, Neos CMS, REDAXO, phpBB3 forums or DokuWiki for private use.

..because I love you

Although I love all humans, I decided to focus on Tschanter namesakes.
Also I would like to increase usage of my domains, registered in 1999,.

What do you need to do to get it?

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Just contact me

All you have to do is to drop me a message, verify you identity and tell me what you wish for.  As I would like to add you to the family tree, I will ask you some questions about you ancestors.

Afterwards services will stay free for you for private fair-use.  Commericial use might be possible as well, but we need to check together first.

Which services?

free services

  • tschanter-subdomains
  • mail forwarder, pop3 or imap
  • Horde or Roundcube webmailer
  • dynamic webspace with ftp, php &     MySQL database
  • hosted applications like Wordpress,     Typo3, Cantao, Joomla, Neos CMS
  • hosted pro-surveytool Limesurvey
  • hosted interforum base of phpBB
  • hosted DokuWiki
  • integration of your external domains
  • basic setup assistance


Björn Tschanter
Henrichenburger Str. 6
44579 Castrop-Rauxel
bjoern ät